Chinese wooden door network teaches you how to buy indoor wooden doors

Ms. Wang of Baihuacun Community wants to buy three sets of interior doors for her family, but after returning to the Daming Palace building materials market, she returned empty-handed. “There are too many doors in the market, and the prices are very different. I really don’t know. How to buy.” Ms. Wang called for help.

In this regard, the reporter visited the building materials market in the northern suburbs franchise category, and consulted the TATA wooden door, Panpan wooden door and other dealers. They gave three suggestions on how to purchase genuine interior doors.

First of all, the color of the door is matched with the overall color of the home, and then the quality of the door is judged by tapping and measuring. Indoor doors in the market are generally divided into solid and partially solid. If the filling in the door is solid, the weight of the door itself will be large, the corresponding quality will be good, and the price will be expensive; while the part is relatively soft, the product quality can generally meet the northern climate, and the possibility of deformation is not great. The price is relatively cheap. However, there are also some black-hearted merchants in the market who use some scraps as fillers to increase the weight. Consumers should be careful when purchasing. It is recommended not to be cheap, so it is best to go to the brand store to buy.

Secondly, consumers should consult the closeness of the staff when purchasing. That is what we call "sealing strips." "Sealing strip" in the contact part of the door cover and the door leaf, the product with better quality is soft to the touch, and the regular enterprise will add the sealing strip, thus avoiding the problem of always having a seam after closing the door.

Finally, consumers should also ask about the material of the door cover. Because most wooden doors have problems, most of them are caused by the door. Because many small-scale manufacturers in the market make door covers and door fans, they do not use the same material. That is to say, solid wood door fans do not mean that they use solid wood door covers. If the solid wood door is made of a MDF, since it does not contain wood fiber, it is easy to foam when it is in contact with water, which will cause the door frame to be deformed. Therefore, it is best to ask whether the door cover and the door leaf are a material at the time of purchase.

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