Insiders revealed that the rosewood Jiucheng furniture is a "cottage goods"

Yesterday, the private museum of a mahogany company revealed the old end of the industry - most of the materials on the market are not red sandalwood, and 90% of the so-called red sandalwood is "cottage goods."

Four or five beakers filled with alcohol were placed on a table in the private museum of the Xuan Ming Dian in the West Fourth Ring. The technicians placed several small wooden blocks of similar color into the beaker. The rapid rise of purple-red smoke is red sandalwood, which is a unique fluorescent reaction of red sandalwood. The slower red is the ebony, and the non-fluorescent reaction is the L. black rosewood and other miscellaneous wood. According to the introduction, "In this way, consumers can scrape off some of the pieces of furniture themselves to verify the authenticity."

According to Fu Junmin, the person in charge of the museum, the “small name” of the rosewood from the market is numerous. The Brazilian rosewood and the South American rosewood are actually ant wood. The red sandalwood is actually the iron thread, the elm, the son Jingmu, the green sandalwood is The sore wood in Central America.

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