Plastic bottle recycling prices fell 3%

At noon on November 6th, at a waste recycling station at the junction of the urban and rural areas of the Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, a “blasted king” drinking piles of bottles kept sleep. Waste recycling has always been regarded as a barometer and an indicator of economic trends. Behind the decline in waste recycling, what is released is a sign of economic weakness. Not long ago, 1.2 yuan per kilogram of waste paper bins has fallen to 0.6 yuan per kilogram, and most waste recycling prices including waste plastic bottles and waste newspapers have fallen by more than 3 percent. At present, inflationary pressures are still present. The domestic manufacturing enterprises are in a difficult state of survival. Many processing and manufacturing enterprises have closed down. This is reflected in the waste recycling industry, in which plastics and other waste materials that have been recycled for reprocessing are not sold and prices fall.

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