The 6th Xianghe Furniture City official website furniture group purchase meeting

During the 11th National Day, the official website of Xianghe Furniture City specially launched “No Prizes, Only Affordable” Xianghe Furniture City Brand Special Week. On the occasion of National Day, Xianghe Furniture City will let you enjoy better and more intimate services, so that you can buy the least money. Go back to your favorite brand furniture.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and join us to let you feel the low price feast!

Activity characteristics:

1, spend less money, good quality, caring service allows you to enjoy the new online shopping experience!

2, more brands, 3 to 5 fold cap, more than 100 branded goods for your purchase!

3, more discounts, full-time customer service staff to take you to experience the shopping guide service for you!

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As Xinkai Street in Xianghe County is undergoing road construction, 938 (Xianghe Main Station - Beijing Railway Station East) has been temporarily rerouted. Netizens can go to Dabei Kiln Bridge South and Jianwai Soho downstairs (ie 348 Station) to take the Xianghe Line 938. This 938 walks to Beijing-Shenyang Expressway and goes straight to Xianghe. You can get off at the Baiyin Furniture City Station.
938 (Beiyuan-Xiji-Xianghe) Take the 938 branch and get off at Xianghe No. 1 Middle, go 50 meters to the traffic lights, and then walk south for 10 minutes.


Self-driving route:

1. Beijing self-driving car departs from Beijing, travels 46.3 km along the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, passes the Xianghe toll station on the right side for about 200 meters, and turns left into the S309 (Daxiang line). Then exercise (to the south) about 5.6 kilometers, that is, to Xianghe Furniture City.


2. Tianjin self-driving car travels 31.9 kilometers along the Jingjintang Expressway. After passing the Yangcun toll station on the right side for about 150 meters, turn right into G103 (Beijing-Tianjin line). Drive 6.7 km along G103, turn right to S229, follow S229 (go straight north) about 32.6 km, turn left into Xiushui Street, and drive to Xianghe Furniture City about 800 meters.


3. Tangshan self-driving car travels 180 meters along the Tangcheng Expressway, heading towards Beijing, and turning right into Beijing-Shenyang Expressway. Drive along the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway for 96.8 kilometers. After passing the Xianghe toll station on the left side for about 200 meters, turn left into the S309 (Daxiang Line). Then exercise (to the south) about 5.6 kilometers, that is, to Xianghe Furniture City.

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