Makeup remedy

Modern people are busy with work and lack of sleep. In the morning, they often have red eyes and red eyes. The eyes are black and their faces are pale. It is really unbearable. Can take a quick look at the time, miserable! The working hours are coming, my heart is shouting: What should I do? No need to think about it, just learn a few quick makeup remedies , and appear in front of the public with a spirited image.

Makeup remedy

First, the makeup remedy method 1, use hot compress to eliminate dark circles with cotton dipped in hot water, or wrap the towel with a plastic film, put it in the microwave and apply it on the eyes to eliminate dark circles, and then use foundation cream to cover up when applying makeup. .
2, cold lotion to eliminate eye edema with cold towel or cotton around the eyes, makeup should use gray and other shrinking eyeshadow to cover up the edema, avoid using brown, otherwise it will increase the counter effect.
3, alternating hot and cold, improve the complexion when the face is not good, use a hot towel to apply the face, so that the pores are completely open, and in order to prevent makeup, you need to use the cold lotion to pat the face to shrink, in this way Can eliminate facial swelling. A light pink color should be used for makeup.
4, tapping the nostrils, shrinking the pores There are two reasons for the capillary pores: First, the capillary pores are usually open, and second, the capillary pores are blocked by keratin and dirt. The former can be beaten with shrinkage water after washing the face, while the latter is opened with hot compresses, and then the face is washed with a small gauze.
5, the use of beauty liquid to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes around the eyes most likely to cause wrinkles due to dryness, drop a drop of beauty lotion when makeup, or use cotton dipped shrink water to apply on the eye.
Second, makeup tips:
Rescuing the daytime bleak complexion Many people have such troubles: the morning is good, it will not be able to fade at noon, and can not re-make a makeup. Bring a small bottle of toner spray with you. When you feel dull skin, spray evenly on your skin, then wipe dry with a paper towel, taking care not to damage the makeup. Then swipe a layer with a loose powder that has a brightening effect. If you put the toner in the refrigerator and feel it is not good, spray it at any time, the effect is better.
Create a natural blush effect. There are many people in life who never use blush, because it feels unnatural to make themselves look like a "clown". In fact, the reason why blush is very abrupt is because there is nothing in the makeup that echoes it. The solution is simple. After brushing the apple muscle with a large blush brush, sweep it around your neck. This blush effect is very natural.
Applying a makeup magic to the eyeliner I often hear makeup artists say that the eyeliner is the weapon that makes you sexy at the fastest. However, after 6 hours of makeup, there is a risk of makeup on the eyeliner. If you want the eyeliner to maintain the original makeup effect, drop a drop of Aiweidu eye drops on the front of your eyeliner and apply it. The texture will make the eyeliner smoother and more moisturized, making it easier to remove makeup.

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