German inkjet CTP platesetter technical issues

According to the German print media, Glunz & Jensen introduced the Plate-Writer 2400 inkjet CTP platesetter. The machine features a plate recording system and its own non-photosensitive iPlate plate, so it can operate in daylight. Because the used plate is electrochemically roughened, it is a plate with no temperature-sensitive and non-photosensitive coating. The Plate-Writer 2400 plate-making machine can be used in ordinary daylight environments.

The CTP inkjet system can produce printed aluminum plates that do not require chemical development. LiquiDot, a patented special ink, records printed image information directly on uncoated aluminum plates. When used, the plate is placed on the input stage and the plate is automatically input. The optical sensor identifies the front edge of the plate and checks the positioning accuracy to ensure that the plate is aligned. In the post-processing section, the new offset printing plate is fixed and then glued automatically. The machine can output 2880dpi printing plates with the resolution equivalent to 30μm tuning dot network accuracy, and can produce 6 B3 printing plates per hour to ensure the production requirements of small-scale printing factories.

Navigator-RIP has been licensed by Harlequin to control the iCtP system. All dedicated RIP parameters are adjusted in the so-called Page-Setup layout settings dialog box, in which resolution, media size, etc. are set.

The calculated bitmap is transmitted via the USB interface to an inkjet printer that prints the image in rows on the anodized aluminum plate. Grayscale, imposition, spot color, CMYK color, or RGB color data can be calculated by various settings of the RIP. The calibration curve can be drawn by the Calibration Manager calibration management software. With the curve adjustment, the inkjet can achieve high-quality printing.

Which has stored the most commonly used plate size. The distance between the image and the edge of the plate can be individually adjusted.


Plate-Writer2400 standard configuration

Plate-Writer Inkjet Printing Engine

Post-processing station with drying, fixing and dispensing

Plate input and output table

RIP workstations connected to Macs and PCs

Xitron RIP with iScreening screening technology based on Harlequin, supporting Epson 4800/4880, 7800/7880, 9800/9880 color proofing

Start ink set

Environmental protection

In the face of global climate change issues, ecological concepts have become increasingly important in modern printing companies. The iCtP inkjet platemaking system is ecologically and environmentally friendly because it utilizes an additive platemaking solution that eliminates the need for developing plates, thus saving development chemicals and their emissions and equipment cleaning costs.

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