Collection of decorative two-phase long-lasting mahogany furniture

In the colorful furniture market, there is a kind of furniture that has been sought after and paid attention to by people. It can be added to the home with it. This is mahogany furniture. Mahogany furniture (English name: Mahogany furniture) began in the Ming Dynasty, its appearance is simple and symmetrical, natural color and texture are pleasant. The mahogany mainly adopts the traditional techniques of engraving, enameling, inlaying and curve made by Chinese furniture. The three basic rules for the processing of mahogany furniture by German scholar G·Ecke in the "Chinese rosewood furniture drawing" are: non-absolutely necessary without wooden pins Do not use glue as much as possible; do not use tanning in any place, ie without any nails and adhesives. Therefore, the obvious nationality in the shape and crafts of mahogany furniture is the most attractive part for many collectors. Many people call mahogany furniture as human furniture and art furniture.

Main classification

According to the relevant regulations of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, the so-called mahogany furniture mainly refers to furniture made of rosewood, rosewood, ebony, elm, rosewood and chicken wing wood. Mahogany furniture. Rosewood is the best of mahogany, its wood is hard, its color is purple, it is dignified and heavy. The annual rings are silky, with fine texture and irregular crab claws. Purple and wood are also divided into old purple and wood and new rosewood. The old rosewood is purple-black, soaking in water does not fade, the new rosewood is brownish red, dark red or deep purple, soaking water will fade. The rosewood is commonly known as the old mahogany. The wood is hard and heavy. It is durable and can sink in the water. The structure is fine with lemon red, deep purple red and purple black stripes. It is a kind of spicy flavor with sour taste. The color of ebony is black and bright, the structure is fine and dignified, and it has a sense of grease. Ebony often produces small pieces such as chopsticks and ink cartridges, and it is rare to make furniture. Elm is the wood after the tree forms a tumor. It is divided into birch, nanmu, rosewood and rosewood. The texture of the elm is staggered and beautiful, and it is the best decorative material. Most of the furniture is used as a surface package or inlay material. For example, there is a saying that "the red table is made of eucalyptus". Rosewood, also known as fragrant mahogany, is similar to rosewood. Its wood is hard, its color is red or red, the texture is rainy, the color is soft, the weight is light, and it can float in water and resemble wood ribs. At present, mahogany furniture on the market is mostly composed of rosewood. The chicken wing wood is hard and the color is divided into three colors: black, white and purple. It is shaped like a chicken wing feather, and the color is bright and bright. However, because the wood contains impurities such as fine sand and gravel, it is difficult for the enemy to process, and it is good to decorate the corner materials. It is difficult to see a complete set of chicken wing wood furniture on the market. There are only a few valuable tropical hardwoods listed in the National Redwood Standard: red sandalwood, huanghuali, ebony, rosewood, wenge, fragrant wood and so on. Some of these precious woods have not been produced naturally, and other production is small. In addition to facing relatively high market prices, customers must be on the lookout for counterfeit and shoddy products that are flooding the market.

Price increase factor

For the prospect of the future mahogany furniture market, relevant experts pointed out that because the growth of mahogany raw materials is extremely slow, it often takes decades, even hundreds of years to grow, so scarcity will inevitably make its price more and more expensive. For example, Hainan huanghuali wood is the best in mahogany. It can only be grown in a few hundred years. At present, the price per kilogram has reached 10,000 yuan. Another example is the black rosewood in Southeast Asia, which is second only to huanghuali and red sandalwood. The price is growing rapidly.

In addition to the price of raw materials, the scarcity of artisans and the increase in labor costs have also invisibly pushed up the price of mahogany furniture. Relevant experts gave reporters an example: a black rosewood Arhat bed, from design to production, at least more than a year, designers, woodworking, carving craftsmen and other wages are not cheap. Take the engraving craftsman as an example. According to the calculation of 200 yuan per day, it will cost more than 70,000 yuan a year, and this salary level is also rising.

Purchase considerations

First, we must choose a brand, trustworthy store, manufacturers, and old brands. In general, the quality of their products will be guaranteed, and the after-sales service is also very good, no worries.

Second, to shop around, for the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. As the saying goes, "A penny is worth the goods", the real good thing, the price can not be very cheap. In the case of the mahogany furniture of Yuan Henry, they are all hand-carved with the top mahogany from Southeast Asia. Even if it is a single mahogany chair, its price is more than tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, the biggest taboo for buying mahogany furniture is to make it cheaper.

Third, the whole mahogany furniture is disassembled by the shackles, so the real mahogany furniture does not need a little glue, and does not need a nail, which is good for preventing cracking of mahogany furniture.

Five advantages

The high-grade solid wood furniture made of mahogany has gone through many years of history. Now it has many advantages, including: First, functionally reasonable mahogany furniture is not as ergonomic as modern furniture? This is a misunderstanding of the average person. In fact, after long-term scrutiny and improvement, many mahogany furniture can meet the requirements of human body function according to the scale of human body function, and it is highly scientific. Taking the chair as an example, the curved back chair and the round chair are suitable for the human body and have a comfortable sitting. Second, the sleek and elegant mahogany furniture, in the change to seek unity, finely carved, smooth lines, both simple and elegant imitation, but also carved dragon painting, carefully carved imitation clear, but also elegant and elegant French Etc., suitable for the aesthetic needs of different people. Third, the structure is rigorous, the workmanship fine mahogany furniture is mostly combined with enamel, the method is smart and coincidental, firm and durable, and it is very scientific from the mechanical point of view. Moreover, the traditional mahogany furniture in our country is basically completed by the craftsmen. The craftsman's mind is spent every time, and the overall artistic harmony is also emphasized. Fourth, the use of materials pay attention to the real Chinese traditional mahogany furniture are made of fine texture, hard and durable, textured, beautiful, lustrous precious hardwood or redwood. 5. Value-added and value-added is a combination of practicality, viewing and value preservation. The long-standing, high-quality Chinese traditional mahogany furniture is a treasure that Chinese and foreign collectors dream of. Coupled with the limited resources of mahogany, the growth cycle of mahogany is very long, and some can reach hundreds of years. Therefore, the mahogany furniture with rare and precious materials will become more and more unique.

Maintenance six methods

Mahogany furniture as a high-end furniture, maintenance must be appropriate. There are six methods of maintenance recommended by experts.

1. The position of mahogany furniture placed indoors should be away from the strong air flow such as doorway, window and tuyere, and should not be exposed to sunlight.

2, do not place in the winter near the heating, avoid indoor temperature is too high, generally it is appropriate to wear a sweater indoors.

3, spring, autumn, winter three seasons to keep indoor air is not dry, it is best to use a humidifier to spray wet, indoor fish, flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity.

4, the summer is coming, it is necessary to open the air conditioning and dehumidification frequently, reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of the wood, and avoid the wet deformation of the concrete structure and the seam.

5, to keep the furniture tidy, daily use a clean gauze to wipe the dust. It is not advisable to use a chemical brightener to avoid damage to the paint film. In order to maintain the brightness of the furniture paint film, the walnut can be crushed, peeled, and then polished with three layers of gauze.

6. For the panel of mahogany furniture, in order to protect the paint film from being scratched, and to display the wood texture, a thick glass plate is generally placed on the table top, and a small suction pad is used to separate the glass plate from the wooden table top. It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal plates.

Maintenance knowledge

1. Mahogany furniture is solid wood furniture, which is prone to quality problems within one year after delivery and requires maintenance. In winter, it is best to use a humidifier; in the summer, use an air conditioner to keep the indoor humidity between 25 and 35%.

2. Avoid long-term exposure of the furniture to the sun. Do not place the furniture directly at high temperatures such as heating stoves and fireplaces.

3. Dust is actually a kind of abrasive particles. When wiping dust, use soft cotton cloth to wipe back and forth along the wood grain. If you use a hard dry cloth to rub the paint surface, it will cause the paint surface to be worn and tarnished.

4. Waxing once every six months or a year can help the protector.

5. If you move the furniture, you should lift the furniture, do not drag, so as not to cause the loose structure of the furniture.

New furniture sometimes has a sudden squeaking sound. As long as it is done according to the above requirements, there will be no problem. The sound is caused by the normal phenomenon caused by the shrinkage of the furniture panel. After the furniture has been passed for one winter, the factory can be repaired and restored to restore its new look.

Grafting of mahogany furniture and cultural activities

Due to the history and value of mahogany furniture, it forms a profound relationship with art. To this end, art-related activities related to mahogany furniture are quite popular. It is reported that on April 24th, a "Jinmen Painting and Calligraphy Masters Live Meeting and Redwood Treasures Exhibition" will be held in Tianjin Jimei Sea Jimei Home.

According to the relevant person in charge of the curator company Beijing Yuan Henry Hardwood Furniture Co., Ltd., the “Yuan Heng Li Tong” classical hardwood furniture exhibited in this exhibition featured selected yellow pears, red sandalwood and ebony imported from Southeast Asian countries and regions such as India and Laos. The precious and rare hardwoods such as rosewood are used as raw materials, and the endangered Hainan huanghuali is used as a raw material. It has been carefully designed by professional designers. It is crafted by art craftsmen who have rich experience in court furniture production. Local luxury. It is understood that the mahogany furniture exhibited by the QB/T2385-1998 "Dark and expensive hardwood furniture" standards strictly control the quality, and the first in the classical furniture industry passed the ISO9000 international certification. On the day of the event, the organizers invited famous and famous Jinmen painters and painters to participate in the exhibition. In the furniture exhibition hall of Gumu Liuxiang, visitors can enjoy the ink and fragrance of Jinmen calligraphy and painting on the spot. The paintings and the mahogany complement each other and complement each other. Under the constant influence of the history and artistic atmosphere of mahogany furniture, I believe that in the future, mahogany furniture will have a more brilliant artistic value.

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