Chen Xiaojin’s home furnishing industry can see if “Gome” can land?

The home furnishing industry can be said to be in full swing. Chen Xiao, who left the chairman of Gome's board of directors, will "invest" as the next site of his career. According to reports, Chen Xiaojin’s first project in the investment field has been finalized. His gaze is the household goods industry. He will invest in the former home furnishing company of Yongle Electric, the famous household goods chain “Famous Nest Industrial”, and its first store is expected to open in Baoshan District, Shanghai this month. It is reported that the store has a practical area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters and will operate more than 20 categories of household items. A person familiar with the matter said that the registered capital of “Famous Nest” is 50 million yuan, and it is expected that 6-7 chain stores will be opened in Shanghai this year.

In addition, IKEA and Tellus opened their own new stores in Shanghai and Hangzhou. On Monday, the part of IKEA's Guangzhou shopping mall, which was mainly engaged in home furnishing, was also renovated and renovated. It appeared in a new look. This is the largest renovation project of IKEA in Guangzhou in five years. It has invested 10 million yuan and took 60 time. day. In addition, IKEA is actively looking for new store locations in Guangzhou.

In addition, there are several new brands such as Geometry and Shangju, which will be added soon. In September 2010, the first home living museum was established in Guangzhou. In just 7 months, it has been successful. "The company has carried out business operations in 16 provinces and 60 cities across the country. It is understood that the company will expand to 100 stores in the next six months, and will reach 500 in three years. The strategic map will be spread all over the country.

Competition under the trend of “re-decoration”

Why did Chen Xiao choose the household goods industry as the first investment project after he left Gome? This is related to the current trend of home. In recent years, the concept of “light decoration, heavy decoration” has become the mainstream of modern home decoration, and fashion home accessories play an increasingly important role in home decoration.

People's living standards and aesthetic needs continue to increase, fashion, simple, comfortable, environmentally friendly home decoration is becoming more and more popular, the focus of consumption shifts from hard to soft, and the demand for home accessories is growing. It is reported that the annual consumption capacity of national home accessories can reach 200 billion to 300 billion yuan, and the annual consumption level of an ordinary county-level city reaches 10 million yuan. Especially in recent years, China's urban development has been rapid, the number of buyers has increased sharply, and the real estate market is extremely hot, which has greatly stimulated the consumption of home accessories. A new sunrise industry is rapidly emerging.

Recently refurbished Guangzhou IKEA is also optimistic about this market. “In recent years, the continuous increase in the number of customers and the frequency of customers replacing small items in their homes have increased dramatically. The negative household items department, which is mainly based on small objects, has gradually failed to meet the needs of Guangzhou citizens.” The head of the IKEA Guangzhou shopping mall said that These are the reasons for the renovation of the first floor of the IKEA Guangzhou shopping mall.

The immature home decoration industry has a promising future?

Corresponding to the good market prospects, the current domestic jewelry market is still immature. Home accessories were first developed abroad, and developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have formed very mature markets. In the market of most cities in China, although the consumer awareness of home accessories has risen, but for a long time only scattered sales in the furniture store and toy boutique wholesale market, neither brand nor professional, domestic home accessories professional store and The specialty store market is almost blank, waiting for a new strong brand to be born.

The relative gap in the market may also be one of the important reasons why Chen Xiao chose to enter. It is understood that before the merger with Gome, Yongle Appliances created by Chen Xiao has tried diversified operations, and has registered and established subsidiaries such as Shanghai Yongju Home Decoration and Shanghai Yongju Decoration to enter the home improvement field. However, after the merger with Gome, the home improvement business did not continue to grow. Chen Xiao said that the home improvement industry always has regrets for consumers and cannot standardize operations. Therefore, this investment has not chosen the home improvement field.

Chen Xiao believes that the next area worth investing is those products with high elasticity demand. At the same time, the concentration of brand suppliers of these products is not high. For example, household goods, for retailers, the space for integration is relatively large. However, he also said that although these areas are worth investing, it is not difficult to achieve real success.

Can the “Gome Model” be replicated in the home industry?

Although people can't peek at how Chen Xiao is deployed, the first store has a scale of 2,000 square meters. With his years of experience in the home appliance chain industry, Chen Xiao's branding and scale of the home furnishing industry. Industrialization and industrialization will undoubtedly have a major impact.

It is understood that both the Gome and the Yongle founded by Chen Xiao in the past, at the beginning of the creation, all envisaged the establishment of a "home appliance professional chain supermarket" business model. This includes three layers of meaning: first, chain operation, organize circulation according to the requirements of modern socialized large-scale production, realize scale operation in the form of chain, fully exploit the potential of circulation efficiency, and ensure the smooth progress of social reproduction; second, Professional management of home appliances, that is, to achieve distinctive features in business, both specialized and refined. The business category reflects professionalism, depth, variety and choice. At the same time, the sales staff has rich professional knowledge, can guide consumption, quickly tap the potential needs of customers, and maximize the consumption utility; third, Appliance supermarkets, that is, strictly control various operating costs, reduce circulation costs, maintain price advantages, effectively combat competitors, and allow consumers to fully benefit.

Chen Xiao said, "What I am most familiar with is not the home appliance industry, but the consumer psychology and consumption status." His experience is also suitable for operating other commodities. A person familiar with Chen Xiao’s home appliance industry told reporters that Chen Xiao’s greatest contribution to Gome is to weaken the strength of the store itself and introduce a number of humanized policies to improve the relationship with suppliers. He believes that In a good relationship with suppliers, chain operations can win lower prices by scale, which may be the biggest weapon for Chen Xiaojin's home furnishing industry. Of course, everything must wait for Chen Xiao to participate in the investment of the "name nest real family" really debut, we will really see what brand of this magical figure in the hand.

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