New environmentally-friendly packaging adhesive-PSA Glue Dots pressure-sensitive removable adhesive

PSA Glue Dots Pressure Sensitive Removable Dots is a pre-formed, pressure sensitive, double-sided, circular dot and square adhesive tape. It is sticky and ready to use, no traces can be removed, clean and environmentally friendly, easy to operate! Conforms to EU REACH regulations (in line with Rohs and does not contain 6P). At the same time it is FDA certified and can be widely used in food and beverage packaging, cosmetics and health care products packaging. It has a variety of adhesive and specification products, used in binding of printed paper products (specifications and housings, drawings/discs and readings, positioning of printed accessories, etc.), bank cards/gift cards fixed on printed paper products (such as promotional color pages (Color cards, gift bags) and gifts, toy gifts assembly; not only removable, but also remove no residue; is a good helper for various printing paper product binding, toy gift assembly, bank card / IC card / gift card packaging and fixing !

Yidao PSA Glue Dots pressure-sensitive removable adhesive, good initial adhesion, strong adhesion, quick removal, and can be completely removed while ensuring the bonding effect of customers! The best choice for temporary fixing and assembly of bank card gift card/toy gift assembly! At the same time, the product has good temperature resistance, high and low temperature adaptability, not only does not fear the high temperature of export containers, guarantee packaging effect, but also can be normal under low temperature environment. Adhesive packaging and fixing are new types of pressure-sensitive double-sided circular glue dots and square stickers with excellent weather resistance.

Yidao PSA Glue Dots pressure-sensitive removable adhesives

1. Sticky strength: low viscosity / medium viscosity / high viscosity / ultra high viscosity / strong adhesion and other five series;

2. Diameter and width: 6MM/10MM/13/19MM;

3. Thickness: 0.4MM/1.5MM/2.1MM;

4. Packing: 5000 points/2000/1000 points/volume;

Velvet Shirt Hangers

Velvet shirt hangers are desinged to shirts, blouse, sport shirts, T-shirts, etc. Their ultra thin design and reasonable sizes maximize the storage space. 

  • Velvety surface prevents clothes from slipping.
  • Increases your usable wardrobe space soft.
  • Velvet Hangers minimize your hassle, keeping your suits, pants, delicate blouses from falling or sagging.

Velvet shirt hanger is very hot sale on cross-border e-commerce platform like Amazon, Ebay and Lazada. It proves that many consumers are tend to use the space saving and durable clothes hanger.

Velvet Shirt Hangers

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