The more ugly, the more healthy the body is.

First, the buttocks have a good heart and blood vessels.

A number of studies have shown that people with large hips have lower levels of "bad cholesterol" and higher levels of "good cholesterol", so the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sclerosis is smaller. The University of Oxford study also found that people with big ass have a low risk of developing diabetes.

Second, how long the old man is slow.

Not only is it ugly, but it also increases the risk of skin cancer by a factor of 10. On the other hand, the latest research done by scientists at King's College London shows that people who are more common than innocent people are generally 6-7 years younger than their actual age, and suffer from aging diseases such as heart disease and osteoporosis. The chances are lower.

Third, the breast small spine is more straight.

Turkish researchers have found that the bigger the breast, especially those above the D cup, the more likely it is to have upper back pain and spine curvature, and those with small breasts do not. From a sexual point of view, small breasts are more sensitive to caress than big breasts.

Fourth, the nose is not easy to catch a cold.

The University of Iowa study found that the greater the nose, the lower the chances of inhaling dust and other pollutants, and the greater the ability to withstand harmful bacteria, so people with large noses rarely have a cold or flu.

Fifth, the thigh is a good heart.

A 12-year study in Denmark involving 3,000 men showed that those with a thigh circumference of more than 60 cm and strong leg muscles had a much lower risk of premature death and heart disease.

Sixth, the toes sprint fast.

The latest British research indicates that the toes are shortened during human evolution in order to run faster. Long toes involve more muscles and bones, so running is hard and the damping effect is poor.

Seven, the ears are old and not deaf.

Dr. Ralph Holm, a biomedical expert, said that the larger the outer ear of a person, the clearer the sound of the ear canal is, so that people with large ears are less likely to lose their hearing due to aging.

Eight, flat foot injury is less.

The latest study in the United States found that people with flat feet and legs were less injured, and those with 20% higher arches were six times more likely to be injured than those with flat feet.

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