Analysis of Factors Affecting Paste Printing Performance

A solder paste itself:
1. Liquidity.
2. Thixotropic coefficient (0.45-0.6)
3. flux content.
4. The shape of the alloy powder (spherical)
5. The viscosity of the alloy powder (110-200Pa.S)
2. Metal stencils:
1. The choice of mesh thickness (0.1-0.15MM)
2. Selection of stencil material 3. Precision and shape of opening size ("eight" shape).
Three. Printing equipment:
1. Reasonable printing speed (10-15mm/sec)
2. The shape and material of the scraper (plane scraper shape and steel scraper)
3. Setting of printing gap (0.2-0.5mm)
4. Set off the board speed (0.1-0.2mm/sec)
5. Parallelism when printing.
6. PCB positioning accuracy (using PIN positioning).
7. Squeegee angle and hardness (60-75 degrees. 70-90HB)

Reprinted from: SMT Technology Network

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