G-type convenient disposable open mouth sealed package

Preface: Today's packaging materials that fill the domestic market are basically inexpensive materials; the types of environmentally-degradable (or so-called edible) packaging materials are really small and their prices are relatively expensive; and the environmental protection green policies of relevant government departments are not binding. The self-protection awareness of the people's green consumption is not sufficient; therefore, the control of non-environmental materials such as “white trash” plastics is basically mere formality, and such production or reprocessing and packaging pollution is still prevalent!

Simple idea: packaging materials such as plastics, no matter what products (currently people in China have begun to pay attention to food hygiene), in their production, storage, transportation, preservation, sale, excessive storage, consumption and final disposal In the process, it will naturally have a bad influence on the environment it experiences - it also includes the similar process pollution that people are willing to see in the bright colors of pigments (there are studies that have proved that conventional pigments can cause cancer). . The pollution mentioned above also makes it difficult to avoid the adverse effects on the direct, indirect or mutual sense (secondary, tertiary, etc.) of all contact groups. Among them, excessive packaging increases the waste, but also increases the above adverse effects on human health.

In fact, foreign countries have severely restricted the use of plastic materials in food packaging (they have been eliminated to third countries such as China), and in other product packaging, they have gradually restricted the use of substances that are harmful to (environmental) people ( Including for the final product). Among them, a recent point of view that has been studied in drinking water purification can be used for reference: The inlet can properly purify or reduce the speed of injury to the body through the stomach. The penetration of hazardous substances through the skin is faster than the penetration of the body into the mouth. Therefore, the traditional concept of only paying attention to mouth-to-mouth is already a relatively backward understanding. (The cleansing of bath water is already more important for consumers in developed countries than drinking water).

Knowing this, it is not difficult to understand why the green packaging of green products needs people's attention. Based on these understandings or the actual needs of green consumer behavior, Benglongchun XLC developed and promoted a mature product called “G-style disposable disposable opening package”. We think this is a concrete embodiment of a green packaging concept.

First, the basic raw material selection

In the current development stage, China's degradable environmental protection materials have begun to be serviced by foreign consumers, and they are temporarily unable to reach the level of domestic consumption. However, the use of natural fiber materials like paper packaging is still an acceptable basic choice. However, even paper-based packaging is more costly than plastic-like packaging – but for those with a healthy green sense of consumption, this choice is still affordable. Therefore, our green packaging materials are still optimized for paper fiber materials that meet the hygiene permit as much as possible.

Second, the sealing problem of packaging

From the time the product is shipped to its final consumption, we believe that not only packaging for foods and pharmaceuticals needs hygienic sealing, but it should be packaged as well as possible, regardless of any product. Of course, in the sealing process, it is also necessary to consider various basic factors of health and health or the impact on the environment.

Third, the design of various levels of packaging

Yan Longchun XLC believes that the packaging of a certain product, in addition to the necessary fillers and seals, basically do not exceed twice the layered packaging as well. In terms of packaging design, while ensuring the basic quality requirements such as packaging size, the use of materials is saved, and the production is simple and reliable.

Fourth, the packaging surface decoration or color

Surface printing and decorating, with simple monochrome as the main --- in principle, should not exceed two or three colors is better --- in some cases can be done colorless (in order to reduce the harm of pigments, if necessary, the current price is higher Harmless pigments).

Fifth, food and other sealed packaging Qikou easy to open

Some of our consumer groups will experience the following: seal-packed foods are often inconvenient when opened; even if it is convenient to open, it may cause embarrassing things (such as convenient instant food and sauce Such as the opening of the package is).

The development and application of G-style envelopes that are easy to open have gone through nearly 14 years of history. We directly learn from or improve the original practical structure, and we can fully meet the need for a one-time (relatively) open mouthed sealed package.

Such a one-time convenient opening method not only does not affect the advantages of similar product packaging, but also on the basis of a certain basic anti-counterfeiting packaging function, avoids the hand pick-up chemistry caused by self-adhesives, gaps, marks, or holes. The fear of being unsafe, unhygienic, and disorganized is a wonderfully concise and convenient package that is unobtrusively opened.

Conclusion: It is due to the consideration of the minimization of the adverse effects of packaging on the environment, the use of materials to conserve resources, the ease of production production, and the basic needs of human health consumption as much as possible. We will have a good reason to tell people: G-style convenient one-time open Qi sealed bags and other series of packaging products, you can call it: Biaolongchun XLC brand green packaging.

Gong Wenyue
Beijing Xiaolongchun XLC Green Link Source Practical Technology Institute

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