Scientific Research Strategy and Packaging Technology Innovation (I)

Abstract: Being good at using strategy can not only promote the birth of scientific research, but also improve the level of scientific research. 2. Explore methods that have been successfully used in some famous discoveries and inventions in history. Focus on some examples of packaging areas. Explain that packaging technology innovation must also use methods.

Keywords: packaging technology innovation scientific research packaging material transplantation

In scientific research. Some people are good at observing and experimenting. Others are longer than induction and reasoning. Both methods are important in scientific research. This article is an example of the history of science and technology development. In particular, the successful examples of technological advances in the packaging field illustrate the importance of the method. It also highlights several methods that are useful for scientific innovation in the packaging field.

One, grafted wood, Li Tao peach stiff

In scientific discovery and technological invention. New ideas and new discoveries in other disciplines sometimes bring important enlightenment and help to solve the problems encountered. This scientific method is also very important for scientific research in the packaging field. frequently used. The famous example of history is the stone carbonate sterilization method invented by the British surgeon Riester in the early 19th century. then. The problem of wound purulent after surgery can not be seen. Serious threat to the patient's life. Pasteur, a French microbiologist, discovered that "bacteria are the real cause of corruption" when studying the problems of beer souring and silkworm diseases. Rees was inspired after seeing the paper. The use of sterilization to completely solve the wound purulent problem. This invention saved the lives of millions of people. For the benefit of mankind. Pasteur himself put forward the theory of "heat sterilization" to preserve food according to the characteristics of microorganisms. This "pasteurization method" is still in use today. Pasteur is the founder of aseptic packaging technology. It is said that the beef canned food produced by this sterilization method has not been corrupted after 100 years of preservation. It was demonstrated that the method of packaging food was very successful. The development of waterproof cement is another example of the successful application of the transplant method to packaging. Cement is water-absorbing or moisture-absorbing and it is agglomeration failure. This is the inadequacy of cement. It is difficult to store and transport cement. When considering a solution. People think. In principle, cement agglomerates and steel corrosion. It's all because of the direct contact with moisture. Oil corrosion inhibitors are used in metal rust-proof packaging. The use of its active surface makes the table hydrophilic from hydrophobicity. This isolates the water molecules from the surfaces of the steel products. Delayed steel corrosion. Can we transplant rust-proof packaging method to cement waterproof packaging? In the early 70s of the 20th century. German chemists found a simple and effective method. A water-repellent sodium naphthenate soap is added to the cement clinker as it is ground. Adsorption of water repellent on cement surface. Water vapor cannot be contacted with cement during storage. Cement does not freeze and cake. When using cement. The sandstone can easily smash this layer of water repellent (only molecular grade thickness). The cement is allowed to solidify in contact with water. This method is clever and simple. The steel rust-proof packaging was transplanted into cement waterproof packaging.

year 2002. A school in China cooperates with a warehouse of the PLA to research weapons packaging systems. A wide variety of parts. Different shapes and sizes. The packaging container for juice is more convenient for transportation when transported. Easy to sort and identify when storing. It must be quick and easy to access. The original packaging form. Inconvenient to use carton packaging identification, not only the size of the tablet blister packaging can not meet the requirements. The intensity is not enough. Researchers are inspired by cake packaging boxes and herbal medicine cabinets. Finally, the combination of a sealed plastic tray and a container composed of sealed plastic trays is a decisive factor in this problem.

Second, bold imagination, surprising victory

"Sun Tzu's Art of War and Power" said: "Where all the warring people are in the right place, they are the odds. They are wonderful and they are infinite in the world. They are not in rivers." This refers to war strategy. A surprise soldier wins. In scientific research. "Military soldiers" can be understood as the concept of innovation. Einstein once said: “Proposing a question is often more important than solving a problem. Because solving a problem may only be a mathematical or experimental skill. Asking new questions and new possibilities looks from a new perspective. The old problem requires more creative imagination and marks the real progress of science."

When the development of science needs to inject new concepts. Or when a problem is not determined for a long time, it needs to be reflected in scientific research. At this time, if the thinking is still circulating in the old frame. It is difficult to get out of the maze. This requires a qualitative change in thinking in order to make things break.

The early 1950s. Humans came to the door of life science. I am tempted to enter the labyrinth of life and learn more about the mysteries of diseases and genetics. But this time encountered a problem: how should the spatial structure of the protein be described? Because the structure of amino acids and proteins is too complicated. Using structural models of past known materials cannot be applied. Failure to solve this problem is tantamount to the lack of a key to open the door.

1953. 2. Britain's Watson and Crick proposed a DNA double-helical structure. The age of molecular biology opened. In the future j0 years. Molecular genetics, cell biology and other new disciplines have mushroomed. The mysteries of life one after another have been more clearly elucidated from a molecular perspective. Bioengineering technology has rapidly developed into a high-tech pillar industry. This achievement is listed in the three major discoveries of the 20th century with the paradox and quantum science. Watson and Crick deserved the 1962 Nobel Prize for this great discovery. Their ability to make this discovery relies on a different vision and sensitivity. In fact they are all young people (Watson is still a college student who just left school). This example and other great discoveries vividly illustrate. Only thinking breakthroughs. It can lead to a scientific revolution. Into the 21st century. Packaging technology, packaging products are facing changes. As Einstein said, imagination is often more important than knowledge. We need innovative thinking. Surprisingly winning. of course. Nor should we understand "Original" too mysteriously. in fact. Now mentioned several directions for the 21st century packaging technology change. Such as active packaging, green packaging contains innovative ideas. Different from others. Different from previous ones is new. odd. Such as the characteristics of nationalization in the packaging of goods. In the selection, modeling, graphics and other Fang Li. As long as it is the shape of the nation. As long as others have not used it. It is new. For foreign and foreign nationalities is "odd."

Third, the old tree blossoms, reviving

Here are two things. One is that the value of a discovery has been shelved for the time being. But once there is a social need. It will be carried forward in a very short period of time. The second aspect means. It means that something that seems to be useless in one place may be excavated as a treasure in another place.

The first example. Thermodynamic founder Gibbs. Initially published a paper on thermodynamics in a small Danish publication at the end of the 19th century. But nobody has found value. Unknown for decades. To the 2O century 3O, 4O era. Thermodynamics has flourished in many fields such as chemical thermodynamics. Widely used in many industrial fields.

The second example. Mendel published a genetic law in 1865. But did not draw attention. Until 1900, genetics suddenly became active. After much development. Thermodynamics and genetics are great doctrines. The cold encounter in a period of time illustrates one principle: "Once a society has a technological need, this need will be more advanced than the ten universities in pushing science forward" (Engels). Wandering over most scientific workers. It does not necessarily become a pioneer in the establishment of new doctrines. But if there is enough scientific sensitivity. When Engels said "social needs" came about. He will i [get quick opportunities. Let's develop on the basis of science-driven flooding. It can also make a great contribution to society.

The last two examples have only been in existence for decades. Reserve period {f{short. another example. Thousands of years ago. Ancient China's "He Tuluo" aspect view is just an interesting list of numbers. Similar games. But the principle of their arrangement is reflected. However, it has gained new applications in today's computer application areas such as program design portfolio analysis. This tells us vividly. Different periods of knowledge in different fields. It can reflect many of the same commonalities. The discovery of the two packaging materials, PVC and polyester, has experienced a period of rejection. Carlos of the United States invented r nylon in the 20th century in the 20th century. This is a big contribution to the packaging industry. Nylon is high in strength. Particularly suitable for heavy packaging. Has the reputation of "space packaging". The packaging material for the first moon was nylon. but. Wandering in another polyester favored by packaging, Carothers has gone to its former “turns a blind eye”. At the beginning. Carothers also studied polyester. However, it is thought that its low melting point and low strength are difficult to use for chemical fiber and it is intended to give up (he used propylene glycol). British chemist Winfield saw the report of the former. Think that polyester has a promising future. He and Dixon both worked hard for 10 years. Finally made a polyester polyester material with excellent performance.

Today's PVC is a "many hand" in plastics and packaging materials. It can be made into hard plates and pipes. Can also be made into films and foams, elastomers. And its discovery was dramatic. The German chemist Baumann discovered by accident that vinyl chloride can polymerize. But also feel that the polymer is difficult to process and lose interest. Dispose of it aside. Until thirty years later. Wacker, a company in the United States, carries forward the work of Bowman. But they improved the processing method. Finally made polyvinyl chloride a usable material. And it's excellent and cheap. It can be directly transformed from petrochemical products. Today it has become the largest producer of plastics and packaging materials.

Fourth, anti-offspring, borrow chicken eggs

The transplantation method can be borrowed from other fields of scientific principles. Inspiration for solving problems. At the same time can also borrow directly. This requires extensive experience and observations.

There are many famous natural science experiments in history. Its smart idea. It's amazing. 18.1 In France, Fizeau used the non-astronomy method for the first time in France in the year of 7 years. The speed of light measured was about 310,000 hectolitres per second. This experiment has a difficult point. Because the speed of light is fast. Ranging distance. We must try to judge that the light of arrival is the original light that was sent out. This problem has stumped many experimenters. Fizeau's solution was to solve the problem by "spliting" the beam with a rapidly rotating gear. The reference to this example is not intended to discuss how to measure the speed of light. This is introduced several decades later. Polymer chemist determination of free radical life (half-life). Because the time is too short. Can not be observed with conventional methods. They also solved this problem well by borrowing Fizeau's "gear." Examples of direct borrowing have also played an important role in packaging technology innovation. Although early tin cans played a major role in preserving food, it has a big drawback. Use special tools. It takes a lot of effort to open. It is particularly inconvenient for those who go out. Emma Franz (U.S.) once even used a car bumper to open cans on the road. It was this embarrassing scene that made him think about improving this packaging. Because he is the owner of the tool factory. A good way to understand the nicks on metal containers. Use it directly for canning. He covered the can with a lid in advance. Then put on a pull ring that acts as a lever. Cans were born like this. An accidental blow prompted a revolution in canned packaging.

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