HSK30 automatic paste book shell machine

   HSK30 automatic book shelling machine is an automatic shell making equipment that was successfully developed by our company for hand-made production of most domestic hard shell products with low efficiency and unstable quality. The successful development of this machine has greatly improved the production efficiency and quality of domestic hard shell products such as book shells. Since it was launched in the market in 2004, it has received a lot of feedback from users and there has been a situation where the supply of products has fallen short of supply.

The product is characterized by: gluing on the cover, cardboard transport, rolling around, rolling, product collection is an automatic completion. The machine's maximum production speed is 1800/hour. The machine can also use some accessories to produce special products such as desk calendars, folders and boxes.

Arm & Elbow Brace  applies pressure over tendons to help relieve painful elbow problem
Arm & Elbow Sleeve which retains body heat to stimulate blood flow and accelerate healing.
Arm & Elbow Pads can resist  outside impact and provide excellent protection for the elbow. Provides controlled joint support for weakened of injured wrist
Arm & Elbow Support prevents your elbow from scratching. Maintain joint for people with aches, pain, and sprains.

Arm & Elbow support sleeve good workmanship, breathable, can effectively prevent injury of leg and muscle. It's best choose when you are doing sports. 

Arm & Elbow compression sleeve provides support to help relieve joint and muscular pain. It aids in muscle recovery and sport performance.
Gentle effective compression allows for daily use.
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Arm & Elbow Brace

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