KCC 20D Double Clamp Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The KCC Reciprocating Series includes three single-locking models (KCC 10, KCC 20, KCC 30) and three double-locking models (KCC 10D, KCC 20D, KCC 25D) designed specifically for bottles, cartridges and small industries The blow molding of the product. The size of the KCC lock template is adapted to large molds and 11-43 tons of clamping force to ensure correct trim. The specifications of the KCC series outperform many other competing brands.

Designed in Germany, the KCC series integrates the traditional Kautex extruders, foam head technology and other widely recognized machine parts that are available worldwide and stocked by Kautex's worldwide subsidiaries. The extrusion system can be used for single layer and multilayer blow molding. Continuous extrusion of the foam head can be used to produce up to 6% off. There is a storage head on the KCC30 model.

As with all other Kautex blow molding machine products, the KCC machine is controlled through the BlowCommand 4 industrial computer system and color touch-screen console. Remote diagnosis via built-in modem or Ethernet is a standard feature. The carriage conveying and the mold opening and closing are controlled by the closed loop, and the correction of the blowing pin is accomplished through the proportional valve.

All KCC machines are assembled by the Kautex company in Shunde, China, complying with strict global quality standards and complying with code and safety requirements of all countries. KCC blow molding machine is one of the most cost-effective machines available today.

This series of Paper Cutting Machine's paper sending system adopts whole slotless worktable.It adopts double guide structure. The cutting system drives the special high wearable. worm wheel sloe transmission through the electronic magnetic friction clutch. Tts cutting speed reaches 45 cycles/min and paper clamping pressure can be adjusted in a big range. The cutting should be operated with double hands at the same time. It is also equipped with photo cell, single recycle cutting device to insure safety. Therefore, this series of paper cutting machine has features of low noise. large cutting power, high cutting precision,solidity, sueful and safety.

Microcomputer Paper Cutting Machine

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