Screen printing machine pedal conversion two-station multi-use printing pad device

Patent name: screen printing machine pedal conversion two-station multi-use ink pad device Patent Application No. 1 Publication No. 2647573
Application Date: 2003.06.12 Public Day: 2004.10.13
Applicant; Tan Baomin A kind of screen printing machine pedal conversion two-station multi-use printing pad device is installed in a rectangular frame slide inspection inside a plate: in an I-shaped rod device frame vertical frame respectively on both sides The pin shaft is connected to two pull rods, and the pull rods are respectively provided at the outer ends of the two pull rods. Two pedals are hinged on the bottom frame of the pull rod device frame and are respectively connected to the middle of the pull rods through zippers. The two flexible flexible cable outer casing heads are respectively The fork is fixed on the middle of the frame below the platen and at both ends of the bar device frame. One of the two lines is respectively fixed on the bottom surface of the platen. The other end bypasses the implant pulleys on the two rods and is fixed on the rod. On the pallet rack, the operator can use a caster to press and press the two pedals to make the platen slide to the left and right. A two-position operation is formed. The desk plate can be equipped with two sets of various types of special printed support tables, racks or molds. Prefabricated screw holes can be used as the same type of work table conversion device as screen printing.

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