The beauty of the packaging design

The form of modern packaging design is not pure art processing. Compared with general pure art, the unity and change of its constituent elements are interlinked. However, as a packaging design for practical art, it also has its own specific adaptability and diversity of performance means. In the design, generally should pay attention to the following points:

1, pay attention to the combination of form and function and material

The three-dimensional shape of packaging design and the flat processing of each display surface must be combined with functions and materials. The form should first be adapted to the requirements for the protection and use of the contents, while also paying attention to the combination of changes in form and the physicochemical properties of the materials chosen. It should be prevented from consciously falling into the game of blindness in the design and formally form. Instead of using forms properly, it will weaken the power of form and even have the opposite effect.

2. Pay attention to the communication of product information The full handling of packaging can be described as the advertising of contents. In the design, we must pay attention to the communication function of the package, and we must clearly and accurately convey the content and characteristics of the product. If the packaging of a handkerchief is mistaken for the packaging of socks, then the form of decoration will be beautiful and new, and it will fail.

Formal processing of course has the difference between beauty and beauty, and it is difficult to imagine that a form without aesthetic beauty would be attractive. However, the performance of this kind of beauty should first come from the performance and development of the beauty of commodities. Cosmetics and hardware products have their own beauty; orange juice is beautiful, ink also has its beauty; a scientific beauty of electronic calculators and a decorative beauty of a novel woman. These can all become beautiful resources for packaging. The beauty of form, structure, and material of various products can be expressed and played in the beauty of packaging. This is an important basis for the beauty of packaging. Pay attention to different aesthetic perceptions of consumer objects.

The uniqueness of the packaging form cannot leave the general awareness of the consumer. Beauty and non-beauty refer to people's feelings and subjective factors. People of different ages, different genders, different cultures, different occupations, different nationalities, different countries, and the same region often have different aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic tastes. The packaging of children's toys and the packaging of the elderly, the packaging of men's products and the packaging of women's products must all be very different. Due to differences in occupation, culture, etc., some people like bright colors, and some Like plain colors. The same is purple, some people feel luxurious, some people feel mysterious. It can be seen that the general packaging form cannot be applied to all people in society, and the design must be dealt with based on the common understanding of specific consumption.

3. Pay attention to the timeliness of aesthetic changes The so-called temporality refers to the broad meaning of the times, the years, the seasons, and the specific period of time. People's aesthetic tastes often change with time, and designers cannot be sensitive to them.

Changes in time brought about by aesthetic changes often have certain contradictory characteristics. The popularity of aesthetic standards in one stage goes to the opposite in the next stage. This is not uncommon. This is important from the perspective of the aesthetic changes in the development of the times. In the past, we paid attention to a balanced and harmonious style. Today, I feel more forceful and dynamic. I am strong and full of change. In modern design, it has become a trend to break the rules and format of the tablet, and to emphasize the originality and freshness of the aesthetic sense. In the past, the tedious style of "Dragon Carving" and "Rococo" has been replaced by the simple and clear style of modern design. In particular, some highly time-consuming commodities, such as winter products, holiday items, commemorative items, and cosmetics, put forward more specific time requirements for packaging, and they must not be treated in a specific manner.

4, pay attention to the local changes in aesthetics

Different local aesthetic customs. Japanese people do not love lotus flowers, but there are all kinds of lotus images in Chinese folk art. China’s folk custom regards owls as ominous things, and in some European countries it regards it as a symbol of wisdom; China often uses yellow as a rich symbol. Color, while the Islamic region uses yellow as the color of death; blue is often used in Egypt to describe the color of the devil; the red tricolor is a poisonous mark in the Czech Republic; the green tricolor is a mark in Turkey, etc. All are different local customs. China has a vast territory. East, South, West, North, China, cities and rural areas, coastal areas and inland areas, ethnic minorities and Han areas, etc., all have different perceptions of formal beauty. Therefore, the packaging design is well adapted to the choice and acceptance of consumers in different places, and it is necessary to conduct corresponding investigation and research.

In particular, some products themselves have strong local characteristics, and their packaging design should pay attention to the performance of such local characteristics. For example: Longjing in Suzhou and Hangzhou, Huadiao wine in Shaoxing, ceramics in Jingdezhen, Gongxi cakes in Beijing, Chinese herbal medicine, chopsticks, and four treasures in China. In the form of packaging design, local flavor and ethnic characteristics should be fully reflected.

5, pay attention to the comparison of the packaging of similar products

Pay attention to the comparison of packaging design of similar products, which is an important part of packaging design. The design should clearly emphasize different points based on the above-mentioned points, ingenuity, and strive to design novel packaging with unique personality.

Judging from the trend of world packaging, the 30s and 40s tend to be uniform and cumbersome decorative effects, and in the 50s and 60s tends to simple, simple style. From the 1970s to the 1990s, a new momentum of development has emerged, and the form of decoration is more focused on changing and emphasizing loud advertising performance on a simple, crisp basis.

It goes without saying that packaging design, as a means of marketing products, must pay attention to the competitiveness of design and seek new changes. As for the traditional packaging style of certain products, there is no sudden change in the reform, and it is also in order to maintain its certain sales stability. Once this stability is shaken, it must be updated in a timely manner. Therefore, the form of packaging should pay attention to the comparison with similar designs and make a significant difference.

6, pay attention to the diversity of formal means

When we watch a piece of packaging design, it is not simply visually accepted, but must be accompanied by visual communication to produce a certain psychological response. This kind of psychology is called "lively", "noble", "exquisite" and so on. The first depends on the objective condition of the object being viewed. This condition is not only the graphic and color, it also includes the three-dimensional shape, texture, structure style, processing technology, etc. These various factors together constitute a visual infection of a packaging design. force. If one of them fails, it will weaken the appeal. Therefore, in order to achieve the diversity of decorative beauty, form beauty, structural beauty, material beauty, and process beauty, designers are required to have multiple forms of processing, have certain knowledge about materials and workmanship, and strive to understand new ones in real time. information.

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