The Ink Balance Factors Affecting Offset Printing Journals--Printing Speed

Eight, printing speed

The printing speed is the fundamental guarantee of high efficiency. The stable printing speed is a reliable basis for stable ink transfer in the printing process of books and periodicals. In printing, the printing speed is directly proportional to the strength of paper peeling. The size of the peeling tension directly affects the degree of darkness of the printed book. Under the condition that the printing pressure is constant, the printing speed determines the ink transfer effect, which directly affects the printing quality of books and periodicals. Therefore, in the process of printing large quantities of books and periodicals, it is best to adhere to uniform printing, and avoid changing the printing speed arbitrarily. Otherwise, the ink color of books and periodicals can be very different. This has a great influence on the quality of books and periodicals.
Carefully analyze the numerous factors that affect the depth of the ink in the printing process of the books and periodicals. Correct measures must be taken to take appropriate measures to improve the quality standards of the printing of books and periodicals. This is a reliable guarantee for the company's advancement and development and occupation of the market.

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