Solvent-borne diazo photosensitive adhesive S-630V

Tianling Fine Chemicals (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has cooperated with fine chemicals companies in Europe and the United States to develop the FORWARD series of photo-sensitive adhesives. Among them, the solvent-resistant diazo photosensitive adhesive S-630V has superior performance, and all technical indicators can meet the requirements.

S-630V is suitable for solvent-based screen printing plates, such as ceramic glass small-scale flower paper, signs, advertisements, and trademarks, and has the following characteristics:

1. High solid content, good leveling, excellent coating performance, high smoothness of the screen;
2. Good resolution, easy to do fine network, fine lines;
3. Short exposure time, large exposure latitude, save screen time, improve work efficiency per unit time (reference time: 300 mesh yellow screen, 10 μm, 3 kW iodine lamp, distance 1 m, exposure time 120 s);
4. Good printability, suitable for many solvents;
5. Screen reproducible performance, easy stripping, screen can be reused, improve screen utilization;
6. Colloid color is purple, easy to see the version.

Available in variety of constructions, sizes, and patterns, we accept customized paper rigid gift boxes and we have strong R&D term. Here are some normal gift boxes in different constructions.

1. Book shape Gift Box

    This kind book shape Paper Gift Box is widely used as it looks luxury and opened easily with magnet closing, many customers look this design.

book shape gift box

2. Base and top gift box

   This box contains a separated base and lid. Also, there are two different designs, one is the lid cover the base, and one is the lid and base butt joint together.

base and top gift box

lid and base gift box

3. Drawer Gift Box

    Gift box with drawer is a little complex, especially multilayers, and more materials would be used.

Drawer box

multilayer drawer box

4. Cylinder box

    Tube Box / Cylinder box is usually made with paper or metal. It is simple and well sealed.

tube box

Gift Box

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