A new anti-counterfeiting technology

According to the news from the Tobacco Industry News, the American DSSI company can provide the following security and anti-counterfeiting technologies for the tobacco industry:

Phantom is a visualization technique that appears when the package is flipped over, and it is a virtual image that floats outside the cigarette case.

The Pantograph 4000 is a recessive technology that can only be viewed with a dedicated viewer, or it can be differentiated from the authenticity of any package using a simple photocopier or scanner.

VeriGlow is a recessive technology that can be displayed using a special light source and a dedicated recognizer provided by DSSI.

Prism is a recessive technology. In the normal manufacturing process, dark blue characters, symbols or images are printed on the packaging material, which is not visible to the naked eye, but only through a special identifier.

Source: Tobacco Communication

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