Fang Zhengfei Teng 4.X Publishing Software Common Problems and Countermeasures II

Problem Description Solution and Recommendations Insert a complement word in Feiteng 4.0. The internal code of the complement word is FEFE. When the PS file is generated in Feiteng, it will prompt “Some codewords cannot be transferred to the Founder 748 code: 0fefe:”. The FEFE code is used in the fly. It is not recommended to make up the word at this code point when making up the word. The suffixes in the page number of Feiteng 4.0 are not aligned with the odd numbers in the page numbers. In the "Page Number Type" "special number type" select "multi-digit" in Feiteng 4.02, draw an article area, point cursor can not be achieved with ctrl+q? Suspected to run multiple programs, resulting in insufficient memory As you can see, restarting the machine should solve the problem, how to achieve cross-page titles and pictures in Fetion 4.0. You can create a separate file, set up two pages, and set it to "dual-page display". Do not select "Start". "Page is the right page", so that you can create a title across the page in the layout, and select "Foliage output" when generating the PS file in Feiteng. Why in the Feiteng 4.0 font type, enter the font number in the font number option. For example, enter : 5H or 5FZHT report parameter is invalid. It works in version 3.1. Please check the userfont.ini in the fit directory, where you have recorded the mapping relationship of the font, and you can also modify it. Part of the "Unabletostartprintjob" is posted in Feiteng 4.0. This problem is caused by deleting “PsFile” in the “Printers” folder, this virtual printer is installed by FIT, so do not delete it.If you delete this printer, you need to Uninstall the Feiteng reinstallation program.Founder Feiteng 4.0 operating environment Founder Feiteng 4.0 operating environment: WINDOWS98/2000/XP, recommend using WINDOWS2000PROFESSIONAL and WINDOWSXPROFESSIONAL, try not to use WINDOWS2000SERVICE and WINDOWSXPHOME (Home Edition) Feiteng 4.0 generate PS file after PSPPRO On the output, some words are black blocks, the user uses Microsoft to spell input GBK words, but the use of 748 fonts, when the PSPPRO output is called 748 font, the input GBK character can not be output naturally.If you want to use GBK word, it should be black text to select the GBK font, and to download the GBK font in the fly.Fasten 4.0 in the table operation, adjust the column width does not work Adjust the column width is the vertical row. Is it possible to divide dozens of consecutive blocks of text into one, that is, one, two, three pages into one block, four, five, and six pages into one block? If you have a soaring version of four, you can also use the format "Section subsection" under the menu to achieve (its function is similar to the "other side" notes in the book). Operation Feiteng 4.0 found: a text definition is "Song (Founder)" but in the middle there are several words that become traditional characters. This usually happens because there are GBK words in this paragraph and the definition is "Report Song (Founder)" 748 font, this will The word after GBK has changed to a traditional character, which has become a new beauty.The way to solve this problem is to blacken this GBK word and define it as "Founder Song_GBK" separately and download this font. How do you add a few lines in the table below? Make a copy of the selected row or column in the "Copy" box, select a cell, and then click "Paste". The "Copy Row" dialog box appears. Follow the prompts. You can. Acquisition and editing system + online version of Feiteng 4.0. FIT How to set the auto save time. FIT editing interfaces Modify the FIT auto save time: Modify the CHB.INI file in the FIT directory. Feiteng 4.0 reported that "Unableprintjob..." was wrong in the publication. Normally this is caused by having a "PsFile" printer deleted in the printer. If this happens, uninstall Feiteng and reinstall it. How to implement the function of word clipping in Feiteng 4.0 defines the text as a clipping path, and then merges it with the graph. How to modify Pinyin in Feiteng 4.0 Before you move the cursor to the text you want to modify, use ctrl+right arrow, and then press TAB to move the cursor to Pinyin, and you can modify it. How to use the "Fengteng 4.0" number to emphasize the key; Perspective function to use "extended characters"; need to select "acting perspective" how to input circle 11 in Feiteng 4.0; whether there is "other side" function to use extended characters; use "format" menu There are "sections." Feiteng 4.0 cannot color the color chart. In order to carry out the hemming operation in the Feiteng, it is necessary to use the TIF or EPS format. The reasons for this problem are the large amount of PS file information generated by Feiteng 4.0 distribution: 1. Downloading font information due to font settings 2. Since the environment settings contain picture information, Feiteng 4.0 can be stored as Feiteng 3.x file Feiteng 4.0 can open the Feiteng 3.x version of the file, but can not be saved as Feiteng 3.x version of the document in the Feiteng 4.0 typesetting process, why can not fine-tune the line spacing, for example, 0.5 mm line spacing and 0.2 mm line spacing almost no difference. Select the text to be fine-tuned, and then remove the check mark before the "Align Typesetting" command under the "Format" menu. Whether it can be discharged into PDF format. The file can not be directly exported to PDF format. You can use ADOBEACROBAT software to save the PDF format as an EPS or PS file format. You can use it in Feiteng Layout and use it in the second edition of Feiteng 4.0. Imitation Song _GB2312 fonts, in the RIP output Times missing fonts are replaced Feiteng typesetting try not to use WINDOWS system comes with bold, Song, 仿 Song _GB2312, Carcass _GB2312 and other fonts, the use of Founder fonts will not have such a problem. Is it possible to use Hanyi fonts in Feiteng software? Simply install the TRUETYOE character library of the PC version of Hanyi font in the system, and select the corresponding Hanyi font in the Feiteng font settings - System Chinese option. Feiteng 4.0 generates PS file when the posting information is displayed on page 0. The user is on the Feitun homepage, so that selecting "Ignore Empty Pages" in the posting options causes no page output.

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