Imposition of the poster

4 open poster size

a. Formula formula for opening the paper for seniors:

Large size paper size: 1194mm x 889mm; After the burrs size: 1190mm x 885mm

Grand opening is: 595mm x 442mm

Maximum printable area: 591mm (each side minus 2mm burrs when cutting the finished product) x 430mm (except for each side to subtract the 2mm burrs when cutting the finished product minus 8mm bite bit, this bite The position of the mouth is different on some printing machines, but the four boot is usually 8mm.)

b, algorithm formula of positive four-sheet paper

Regular paper size: 1092mm x 787mm; size after cutting off: 1088mm x 783mm

Four is open: 544mm x 391mm

Maximum printable area: 540mm x 377mm (explained above)

Note: Flat copper plate paper edges are generally cut 2mm on each side

Make an imposition of a senior poster

Because posters are generally based on pictures, I'll use a picture here as an example.

Import the picture into (Ctrl+H) CorelDRAW. After importing the desired picture to CorelDRAW, press Enter to place the picture in the middle.

Here we have posters in the middle of the picture, with 20mm white edges around each side, so we can bite the mouth (by biting the mouth means putting the bite bit on the white side, no bite bit) The size of the poster can be made into 438mm x 590mm.

Set the page to 438mm x 590mm in CorelDRAW.

Double-click on the rectangle tool to draw a box that is the same size as the page, filled in white, and remove the outline. This is the page of the poster.

Select rectangle box and picture, group (Ctrl+G) click.

The next step is to draw a corner line.

First set the page to 448mm x 600mm, use a hand-drawn tool to make a 5mm x 5mm corner line. Press Ctrl+A, place the corner line in the upper left corner of the page, and press the + key on the keypad to copy the corner line. , and use the same method to put the corner line in the top right corner of the page.

Also use the same method to put the corner under the page. Actually the corners are still a bit behind the actual size, because the poster is surrounded by white (paper), so a 1mm is enough. If the cut is not enough, it is fine to let the cutler cut inwards. Draw a middle line as shown below. In the same way as the angle line, the middle line is placed on the page (the effect is that if the corner line is printed, it can be replaced by this line), and the corner line and the middle line are combined.

The fill outline color is C100 M100 Y100 K100

Here to tell you a most convenient way to fill the corner color, is to fill in the "registered colors", so that you are not afraid to forget to fill a little color, which is most practical in more than four-color version.

Finally, place color strips according to your own preferences (not much to say here). Don't forget to stamp on your mouth, color, size, etc.

The imposition of a poster was completed.

Source: Printing Technology

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